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I was finally able to get the LiveJournal import to work, and have pulled over all posts from the National Novel Wiriting Month blogs NeverNeverDogs and FenrithLei. Now it’s just a matter of reformatting the nine trillion individual posts and editing the index pages. *mutters something unrepeatable*

I’ve also finished building the Online Novels page so that folks can get a quick overview of what’s being worked on. While the offical Serial Stories won’t start until January 2009, this will give folks and idea of what to expect. (It’ll also provides quick links to the various Work In Progress stories, like DotNN and GtFL!)

I’m still working on getting all the WIPs copied over, but at least The Gate to Fenrith Lei and Blackguards and Plaster Saints have been put to paper (screen?).

Dogs of the Never Never is proving to be much more of a headache to translate over, as I wrote DotNN a completely different style that GtFL. In order to make it a bit more blog-friendly, I think I’m going to cut it down into much smaller posts. You can see the chaos-in-progress by hitting the November 2007 archives. helpme! >.< ;; On a good note, this means that I can actually get started working on the stories again. It'll be a good practice before this year's NaNoWriMo starts!

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