National Novel Writing Month (or: It’s that time again!)

Ah, November, how I’ve missed you!

The leaves are changing colors. The air’s a bit crisper. The massive undertaking that is Thanksgiving is on the horizon (and Christmas is lurking just a bit further on). What a wonderful time of year for some early new year’s resolutions!

Or more accurately: This time I’m winning NaNo!

But what is this NaNo I speak of?

Why it’s the National Novel Writing Month! A chance for those of us who love putting pen to paper to spend a month in a lunatic race to finish 50,000 words by midnight November 30th! It’s an insane amount of fun, but so far I’ve only even managed to make it about halfway through. *le sigh*

This year, since I’m taking time off work to finish my Accounting degree, I’ll have a little more time on my hands than normal. Hopefully this ‘extra time’ will turn into ‘extra word count’. … Hopefully.

This year’s working title has yet to be decided, but I do know that it’s going to be a second world fantasy adventure with vaguely dark overtones. And spiders. *glares at her Muse* Spiders. *Muse continues to cheerfully ignore her Writer*


Previous Year NaNo Attempts
2007: Dogs of the Never Never – 25k finished
2006: The Gate to Fenrith Lei – 19k finished
2005: Novel With No Name – 3k finished

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