Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy

If you had asked her a year ago, the last thing Sam would have bet on was that she’d be spending a large portion of her time trying to hide a unicorn on campus.

Of course this task was significantly easier due to the fact that said unicorn was mostly invisible. Normal, everyday ordinary people simply walked right past Fluffy without a care in the world. Or course once you got them good a drunk it was a different matter, but since no one in their right mind (drunk or sober) would admit to seeing a unicorn it all worked out.

At least for the mundanes.

Sadly, the number of magically-inclined members of the student body was abnormally high. Those students could see Fluffy and his Holier Than Thou aura coming a mile away. Well, not quite a mile, but at least across Yeloby Field and that was more than enough. Fluffy still hadn’t managed to grasp the idea that not all non-unicorns were Evil (with a capital E), so Sam’s treks between classes were uncomfortably akin to walking a rabid wolverine through a herd of fluffy bunnies.

Only some of the bunnies had really large teeth, so maybe that wasn’t the best analogy.

“Dammit Fluffy, leave him alone!”

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