Daily Snippit: High/Second World Fantasy

There are only so many ways to make a living in a medieval fantasy world (even one as unusual as Avenshark), which is how Gwen found herself apprenticed to the local CSI unit…

There was a long pause as the Fictive and Muse exchanged meaningful looks over their copies of the script.

“Hey, I did say ‘unusual’,” the Writer snapped.

“You want me to play magical CSI?” Gwen gave her Writer an unamused look. “Seriously?”

“In the grand tradition of Urban Fantasy protagonists: Yes.”

The Muse rolled her eyes. “I think your definition of ‘Urban Fantasy’ needs a little work.”

“What? It’s a city, it’s Urban.” The Writer pointed at the various vaguely medieval buildings. “And, hullo, dragons?”

The passing dragon gave the trio an odd look, and then decided it was needed elsewhere… posthaste.

“So: Urban, check. Fantasy, check. Now can we get on with this?”

The Muse and Fictive sighed, and reluctantly got down to work.

“I really need to have a talk with my agent…”

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  1. meggins Avatar

    “…which is how Gwen found herself apprenticed to the local CSI unit…”

    Really, I laughed, well, giggled out loud.

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