Daily Snippit: Other Fiction

Once long ago and far away, there was a young girl who was heading off into the world to make her fortune, even though it’s not very original of her.


Well it’s not.

Did I ask your opinion Mr. Know-it-all? Teenage questing is a time-honored tradition, and if it was good enough for my parents, it’s darn well good enough for me.

I happen to know your parents’ questing consisted of hitting up the job fair in Three Elms and then settling down for a nice boring life. Ever consider taking up work as a carpenter’s apprentice? Nice easy work, if you don’t mind the splinters.

I can always find another Narrator.

Actually you can’t, it’s by Guild Assignment only kid, so why don’t you just think of another storyline and we’ll both be better off. Something short and sweet, because I got things to do, places to see, actual adventures to narrate…

Coming of age stories are actually pretty popular you know, you could do worse. What do you normally narrate? Maybe we can work something out…


Or maybe not.


4 responses to “Daily Snippit: Other Fiction”

  1. meggins Avatar

    We’ve all heard of the unreliable narrator. Well, here’s the downright contrary one. Ha!

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      *grin* Was thinking of trying to drag this one out further, but don’t think that’s going to fly. ^_~

      1. meggins Avatar

        I was thinking that, at its current length, it would make an amusing tidbit for some writers’ publication.

        1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

          Hmm… *pokes minific* Might be worth trying out on OWW just to see what folks think. Will have to ‘finish’ it, mayhaps? Seems an odd place to end things if it’s not a snippit… *ponders*

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