Novel_in_90: Day 10

PROJECT: Novel_in_90
TOTAL: 4704+754 = 5458

“We need a title.” The writer wandered on-scene with a slightly confused glance at the third cat. “And when did we start adding in side quests?”

“We don’t have a story yet, how can we possibly have a title?” The fictive looked up from cleaning one of the khail’s hooves. The animal gave a contented sign and leaned a little harder. The fictive gave up and let the hoof drop. “And he just showed up, blame Old cat for that one.”

The older of the original cats ignored them both with an appropriately feline aplomb.

“We need a title or I have to keep calling this ‘The Story Without a Name’, which, on the whole, is pretty lame.” The writer pondered trying to give Old Cat a head-skritch and then decided she was rather fond of keeping all four limbs. “Something about journey’s and upheavals and whatnot.” (more…)

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Novel_in_90: Day 9

PROJECT: Novel_in_90
WORDCOUNT: 782 words
RUNNING TOTAL: 3083+782 = 3865

“Well this doesn’t bode well.” Nahyl looked up at the Writer warily. “It’s Day Nine and so far we’re five days behind. That’s a pretty big word deficit, all things considered.”

“What can I say?” The Writer sighed, “Life happens.” She conjured up a wildly out of place beanbag and sat down next to the fictive.

“Well let’s try and make that ‘imaginary life happens’, shall we?” The fictive offered her writer a cup of tea, carefully handling the fire-warmed metal teapot. “Sitting in the same place for over a week brings new meaning to the phrase ‘stalled for ideas’.” (more…)

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Novel_in_90: Day 3

PROJECT: Novel_in_90
WORDCOUNT: 982 words
RUNNING TOTAL: 2101+982 = 3083

“I hate it when you do that.” The fictive glared grumpily up at the Writer. She was still sitting on her pack, but looked none the worse for wear.

“Do what?”

“Cut away when we’re in the middle of a conversation. It’s rather rude to just walk off.”

“Right, now we’ll ignore the fact that no time at all passed for you and it’s now tomorrow for me.” The Writer rolled her eyes and started off with a handful of art supplies to paint her fictive a background. “Now care to give me a hand here?” (more…)

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