Daily Snippit: High/Second World Fantasy

Wynne wasn’t sure what she’d expected, after all she’d never been out of the city back in her world, but it certainly wasn’t the rambling white-washed expanse of the Sheppard’s compound.

The Sheppard in charge of Wynne’s group was busy chattering on about the various spells and handiwork that had gone into the complex. Everything from minor charms to keep out the bugs to the more complex heating and cooling systems that were half mundane and half magic. Wynne had just about tuned her out, focusing on absorbing just how big the collection of buildings was, and what that meant about other portal-napped beings, when the group abruptly stopped.

“Hey, hey, I’ve got right of way you know.” The Sheppard had apparently led them into the middle of a rather large caravan of, well, apparently ostrich herders. Although the birds were much larger than Wynne remembered from her childhood trip to the zoo. She eyed the birds warily as the Sheppard tried to bully her way into going through the winding march instead of around.

:Watch now,: Wynne startled as one of the large dogs paused to bark a warning in her direction. :They do kick, so watch now, right?:

She nodded mutely, wondering just how much the translation pendants they’d been given were capable of. At least talking dogs weren’t as bad as the talking dinosaurs they’d started out with. Avenshark was a really, really weird place.

Martha Bechtel

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