Daily Snippit: Urban/Suburban Fantasy

Oddly enough, battling evil didn’t seem to actually require any combat skills. Which was fine by Sam, since she didn’t have any. Well, she did have a decent right hook, but that would have required getting anywhere near said evil, and that was asking a bit much. Thankfully, evil preferred to negotiate.

“Can you pretend you didn’t see me?”

Sam considered it; after all, technically Terry wasn’t a vampire and Sam was all for the technicalities. She could just pretend she hadn’t seen him deftly intercept the mugger who was now sprawled semiconscious on the ground. If she squinted she could even claim she hadn’t recognized him–

:Excuse me,: Fluffy snorted, the unicorn’s horn never wavering from it’s en garde position, :but whose side are you on again?:

“I dunno, maybe the innocent bystander this guy attacked?” Sam rolled her eyes and Terry relaxed, apparently half of the conversation was enough for him to realize he wasn’t getting vanquished in the next few seconds.

:He’s a vampire.:

“He’s a dhampire.”

:It’s exactly the same thing!: Fluffy stomped a hoof threateningly and Terry stopped inching towards the mugger.

“Except for the part where he’s not actually killing anyone.”

“Nice to know someone noticed,” Terry glared at Fluffy.

: Doesn’t matter, we are oathbound to defend this world from evil, and that: he bobbed his head at Terry, :is evil.:

“And the mugger isn’t?”


“I think we need to work on your definition of evil.”

Martha Bechtel

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