Worldbuilding: Travelers – Void Bunnies

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Well first off, I refuse to call them Void Bunnies, but until I think of another name, it’ll do. *sighs*

Void Bunnies are largish black hares, roughly equal in mass to a Corgi or Yorkshire Terrier. Which means, being hares, that they are significantly larger than either dog, as hares tend towards the lean side. So think of a hare (not a bunny) that when it sits up has ear tips that are about even with the stirrups on a saddle and you have a good idea of the size. (I’ll upload some sketches later)

Muse: And giant bunnies are good for…?

The hares are native to one of the worlds on the circuit and are roughly equivalent to a magic capacitor. They are capable either of sucking up all magic in a given area, or spitting it out a saved ‘charge’. Thus they serve as the ‘Magical Companion Animal’ of the series, even though they aren’t particularly companionable at times.

Muse: Magic capacitors? I know I’m going to regret this, but why on earth is that a useful skill for the -rabbits-?

Predators on the hare’s world tend to hunt using magic concentrations as infrared vision. Thus the bunnies use the tactic of sucking all of the magic into one rabbit, who then runs like -bleep- (as the other rabbits are now ‘invisible’ and thus mostly safe). As soon as the bunny finds another magic container (tree, person, displeased cow, etc) it dumps the stored charge into them and takes off.

Muse: …cut-throat little things, aren’t they.


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