Worldbuilding: Travelers

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Other than the obvious, of course… ^_~ heh

Since they translate with only what is in hand, that means there are no carts, no carriages, nothing but foot travel or mounted travel. Although something small might be possible if there were enough people sitting on it at the time. But since the translations are unexpected, there’s no way (other than dumb luck) to make that happen.

So am thinking once they figure out that animals are infect-able that they will be hording horses. Also, good trick to sell horses to other folks and have them vanish later. *whistles innocently*


Muse: …You have a band of inter-dimensional horse nomads.


Muse: Well if they have horses, they probably have cows.

Wait, what?

Muse: They need to eat, right? And what’s easier than taking you’re food with you? There are plenty of herding societies out there y’know.

But a herd of cattle would be, erm, inconvenient? What with the bad reputation they have in some areas and the need for secrecy and whatnot.

Muse: Then how about something smaller? Sheep maybe?

Oh of course, silly me, a flock of sheep is nature’s perfect camouflage. *rolls eyes*

Muse: How about deer?

…Hmm, that could work. *ponders*

Muse: And you’ll need dogs.

Fine by me.

Muse: And talking horses…


Muse: Talking dogs?


Muse: Talking, erm, Void Bunnies?

Muse: Technically Hares are the ‘walker between worlds and whatnot’

Muse: Besides, who else has talking bunnies?

Watership Down?

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