Worldbuilding: Travelers – Translations

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I suppose I could call them ‘teleports’ or ‘reality shifts’ or something more dramatic, but really all they do is fall from one reality/world into another.

As plant life rarely survives the move, only the ambulatory species tends to survive long term.

Translations feel like falling, so I suppose that’s what folks would call them. Falling from one world to another consists mainly of the sudden lurch in one’s tummy associated with freefall, and then an abrupt switch from one world to another. There is no moment of void or anything like that, just boom! new world.

Muse: Wouldn’t they translate inside a mountain or into the middle of an ocean or something?

… *handwave* No.

Muse: Do they appear in the same place every time?

No, as that would be bad for the folks who have earned a negative reputation with the locals. However they appear in the same types of places… which nicely solves the above question as well. Haha!

Muse: What types of places?

Erm, places with large deposits of -blank- ore?

Muse: So what if they build a castle out of that rock? Or what if they gather it all in once place?

… Then yes, the travelers would always appear in one place.



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