Worldbuilding: Travelers

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Working Titles
Peregrinate (def.To travel about or journey on foot.)
The Nothing Stone
Falling to -blank-?
Travelers (boring)

Story = [(Stargate + Sliders) – Technology] * (Valdemar – Lifebonds)

Genre: Fantasy
Modifiers: Epic? Second World?

Basic Premise: A group of travelers moving between worlds, uncontrollably relocated from reality to reality at the whim of the Nothing Stone that has infected them. Some worlds they visit once, other worlds they return to in an unpredictable pattern.


Muse: What, no putting right what once went wrong?

Thhbpt. … Okay, so it’s a little cliched, but hopefully in a good way. A little epic fantasy never hurt anyone. *looks about shiftily*

Muse: *sighs*

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