Saturday Story Prompts [2008.02.09]

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1. Because the best adventures are the ones you don’t see coming.

2. There’s a silence here, hiding in-between the cracks, a distant echo of the times when I was alone. Memories muffled by the tread of booted feet and the crumble of debris, torn loose as they chip away my shell. I wonder sometimes what they think they’ll find. My children have done their work too well, no one alive remembers me. The dead –whose memories are twined among my latticework– shift in the darkness, muttering to themselves.

3. It’s oddly comforting, the feel of warm earth between fingers and toes. Maddy could weed with confidence now, finally certain in here ability to tell arboreal friend from foe. It was oddly ironic how unprepared they’d been, even with a thirty-year trip to prepare themselves. They’d stocked the ships with all the knowledge they needed on how to survive, but it had been all intellect and no application ’till they finally touched down. They’d been schooled to expect the unexpected, but Humanity had forgotten just how unnerving the unfamiliar was.

4. They saw the world as a web of electromagnetic fields, a blue-green net that sparked and shimmered in the dark.

5. Port is wine, and port is left, and port is safe haven in a storm, but for ships of the line, that thin starlit line, port is the slanting roll of guns; up and to the left, where there is no up and no left, and they fill the vacuum with silent fire.


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Because the best adventures are the ones you don’t see coming. Saturday Story Prompt. February 9, 2008
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