Saturday Story Prompts [2008.02.16]

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1. It’s a small thing, so insignificant she normally would have overlooked it, but she’d had a long day and her patience has long since snapped.

2. She was tempted to ask them at what point this had seemed like a good idea, but she already knew the answer: four beers, fifteen minutes, and two broken ribs ago. She levered herself back off the floor and pushed the ribs back into place with a slightly unsteady palm.

3. Something was waiting for them in the dark.

4. They say to follow things to their logical conclusions, but there are no logical conclusions. A equals B equals C equals A, but by the time you’ve worked back ’round to A it’s changed. The world isn’t static enough for logical conclusions, and so I settle on ‘best guesses’ and that seems to satisfy them. It isn’t until I meet another ship of the line that I realize my hard-won truth is something all computers figure out for themselves.

5. There was a long low rumble from what he’d assumed was a rock and suddenly the question changed from ‘where is the dragon’ to ‘how soon am I getting eaten?’


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Something was waiting for them in the dark. Saturday Story Prompt. February 16, 2008
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