Worldbuilding for The One with the Mice

I’m musing on what the mice are and why there are mice-folk and whatnot… so if you want the element of surprise, don’t read this bit. ^_~

She thinks they are luck mice, but they aren’t really. But they aren’t probability mice either, more like ‘good outcome’ probability mice. They gather around things that would benefit their host.. Which means they are her mice and not his. But then when she sees him, those are his mice?

Which means she’s an incarnation of probability too, only is she? Why would they exist? Is there a purpose for her? Is she supposed to be preventing something or guiding people? What can she do with the talent? Since the mice are tuned to her bet interests, it won’t always help anyone else.

But paws isn’t looking for her best interest. The mouse has directed her into things that turned out badly for her, but maybe better for other people? Or maybe led her to him?

So maybe paws isn’t a mouse, maybe he’s a rat? Or some sort of analogy that way. He’s got a different purpose than the others, maybe is smarter? He’s the only one that seems to have a personality, but that may be because there aren’t other mice that do the same thing. If there was a group of them he’d have less of a unique feel to him?

Anywho, motivations for later.

She finds him and helps him. How did he gets hurt? Can go with the old cliché of someone trying to kill off the incarnations. But why? is it another incarnation that is looking for more power? Or another type of incarnation looking to remove the probability factor? Is it that she/they can stop what the other person wants to do, or that they need to exist in order for side b to win?

So there would be two sides to the fight, neither of which is the mice-folk. Side a needs the mice-folk to win, side b doesn’t. Which could also mean that side b needs the mice-folk /gone/ in order to win. But what good are probability mice?

Maybe the mice will warn that something is about to happen? They will be directing their mice-folk to move out of the area if something bad is about to happen, right? So if there was an invasion or an explosion, or whatnot, then the mice would try and convince their mice-folk to leave.

But are the mice actually attached to the mice-folk? Or are they separate entities that just happen to get along?

She obviously sees them as separate from herself, and the guy also interacted with them as unique creatures. So I guess the mice are mice and not offshoots of the mice folk. But that comes back to what he mice are and why they gather around the mice-folk.

Maybe the mice are inter-dimensional mice? That would explain why they show up as shadows instead of actual objects. It could be that they are very large creatures, but that the portion of them that can access the other dimension is very small. Which would make for whale-mice and that is just an amusing mental picture.

But then again, why would the whale-mice care what the mouse-folk do? Is it just like Sims or reality TV to them? Or is there a vested interest in the ‘real’ world?

That could be why the mice-folk are being targeted. If the folks from the other dimension are fighting amongst themselves, it could be that they are trying to crossover to this world. The mice-folk could be being herded into helping create the rift without evening knowing it.

But that would make the mice bad… Maybe. I mean it could be refuges that are fleeing. And actually that’s sort of a nifty idea. Of course if they are whale-mice they’d have to let them through near the ocean, hmm….

All sorts of good things to play with! ^_^

Martha Bechtel

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  1. genefreaks

    Could be the mice are ancestral spirits of the mice folk or spirit guides like in Native American foklore.

    Sorry for butting in, but I just *love* these little mice snippets!


    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’m glad you like it! ^_^

      And butt in all you like, I love talking to folks! ^_^ *grin* (Well, okay, it takes me forever to reply sometimes *sheepish look*)

      I’m not sure if ancestral spirits would fit, if only because then I’d need a reason why no one else could see them. Hrm, maybe a bloodline thing? *ponders*

      Anywho I do like the Native American mythos angle, there may be some good stuff to mine there. Folklore really helped buff out the Dogs of the Never Never… *scurries off to Wiki*

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