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So if the magic depends on the sun, there has to be some logic to that. Hrm. Lesse, the humans use the magic primarily to stay warm, and the wolves use it to stay cool… which would mean the suns are actually vital to their existence most of the time, and wouldn’t that just make it photosynthesis?

Well, obviously not exactly, but that would explain why the humans tend to abandon kids born in a blue winter. Or would it? Humans born when the yellow sun is at its farthest point would be less likely to survive, regardless of how close the blue sun was. Although if you work it so that the humans process the energy from the blue sun differently, so that it’s sort of a poisonous photosynthesis… hmmm. Not sure that’s even possible. Will need to check the solar radiation levels for the two classes of stars. There might be something there, but not sure what.

That would have the effect of driving the humans underground or at least inside while the blue sun is at its strongest. They aren’t advanced enough to know why the blue sun makes them sick, but they’d probably notice the effects.

Now of course the wolves can’t be ‘allergic’ to the yellow sun, since that’s what is predominantly there. But it could be that their lifecycle focuses around the blue sun’s orbit. So most of the wolven births would occur during blue years, when their sun is closest to them. (Which sort of makes me wonder if they are native to the planet, but we’ll worry about that later. ^_~) Focusing a lifecycle on that orbit through would make them pretty darned old, come to think of it. But it would also make them fiercely protective of the cubs (which are born once in a blue moon– err, sun), and that would explain the odd attachment to rescuing the abandoned humans. The human kids would be tossed out about the same time that the wolf pups are being born and mammals have a tendency to randomly adopt other mammals. Lo, we are a strange class. *nodnod*

And now back to studying… *wanders off*

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