Kazimar Worldbuilding

Story set in one of the blue winters in a blue year, which means the yellow sun is as far as it gets and the blue sun is as close.

Cold years would be when both suns are as far away as they can get. Which means warm years are when both are as close as they can get. More cold winters than warm winters, I think, but will need to check the math…

Human magic depends on the strength of the yellow sun
Wolven magic depends on the strength of the blue sun.

Day = rotation of the planet
Year = orbit of the planet around the sun
Binary year = orbit of the one sun around the other

Slow rotation of the planet makes for long days, will not effect how long it is range of blue sun.

Slow orbit makes for long years, will effect how long it’s between the two suns, but a faster orbit won’t help. There’s a ‘window’ for when it’s between the two suns, so slower should be better, but only the maths will tell…

Sun orbits are elliptical, which means most of the time the planet will be away from the blue sun, but there will be short bits when it’s between the two. Which will allow for blue sun nights and yellow sun days… hehehe ^_^ *evil grin*

Using this website: Binary Star Simulation by Terry Herter
M1 : 6 (G star, yellow)
M2 : 10 (A star, blue)
a: 1.0
e: 0.5
i: 0
w: 0

We get a nice orbit where the blue comes into the system once and orbit. The two stars circle each other slightly faster on the inside loops, so it’s definitely a shorter time together than apart. Which, depending on the math, might leave us with a ‘red star’ type encounter (ah Pern, how I love thee ^_^). Of course it’s a) not a planet and b) doesn’t drag living asteroids behind it, so yay!

Which, by logic, would mean that the Wolves need more magic to survive when the blue sun is prominent and the Humans needs more magic when the yellow sun is around. Otherwise known as: wolves like it cold, humans like it hot.

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