We can rebuild it…

Jon: You do realize moving requires more than simply dumping boxes from one space to another. *eyes mass posts of story-in-progress*

Writer: Meh.

Akela: *sniffs around the piles of world building and sets to gnawing happily on one of the story bones* I have backstory!

Writer: Hey, hey, I need that!

Akela: Mmmm… *gnaw*

Jon: You could at least label them… *pokes one of the boxes with a foot*

Box: *growl*

Jon: … Please tell me I imagined that.

Writer: Technically, you imagine everything.

Jon: *is not comforted*

Muse: Hey, how’s it going? *enters apartment, beers and scooby snacks in hand*

Akela: Beer!

Jon: Snacks!

Box: *mutter*

Writer: *headdesk*

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