Daily Snippit: Science Fiction

Because I am a geek…

Air was just another kind of water. It was the darkest blasphamy– death if ever she dared speak it where others could hear. But she sang it to herself, when she was down in the Deep, compressed into the smallest of her forms. Here where the oceans were sludge and she could just skim the crystallized tips of God’s fingers, where he reached up from Heaven below.

And if He did not strike her up, ejecting her from the depth faster than she could decompress, then didn’t that mean she was right?


4 responses to “Daily Snippit: Science Fiction”

  1. _skye_ Avatar

    Hehehe, Martha, wicked cool, there! Love this sort of common-reality/uncommon-situation twist, sort of muddles the brain, doesn’t it? In the nicest way, of course.

    The link on that “a” gives me a blank page, and I noticed it’s location specific. What is it a link to, exactly?

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      My muses tend to throw out a random image and then worldbuild like crazy to explain it. ^_~;;

      And the ‘a’ was supposed to link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrothermal_vent but apparently I setup the href link wrong. Doh! ^_^;;

  2. soapbox_solo38 Avatar

    You are a geek. (But we love you anyway.)

    And why haven’t you compiled these and published them? Even as drabbles they’re better than some of the Scifi/Fantasy novels I read.

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      Actually I had a ‘Quarters for College’ bit going on in my LuLu Store for a while. I sold them in batches of five for a quarter (obviously more polished versions than what were posted here, and groups around a central theme).

      I was thinking about on starting them up again in 2008, just for the fun of it! *grin* (There’s nothing quite like putting something together, even if you’re pretty sure no one will buy it. ^_~;; *grin*)

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