Here we go again…

Muse: So. *pokes LJ* I suppose you’ll be rearranging things a bit?

Writer: Maybe.

Muse: At the very least you could fix the chapter and retcon tags. *eyes jumble of posts* You know this won’t make sense to anyone but you as it is.

Writer: Sad, but true. *pokes posts* I do sort of want to leave the NaNo posts, for posterity or something.

Muse: I think posterity would be more impressed if you tried to pretend you had a linear thought once in a while.

Writer: Wild tangents are your friend. *solemn nod*

Muse: Hey, I gave you a plot.

Writer: After NaNo was over.

Muse: Technicalities.

Jon: Wait, we have a plot?

Writer: *shifty eyes* Maaaaybe.

Jon: eep.

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