Definitions (Dogs of the Never Never)

‘Verse: Dogs of the Never Never
Length/Rating: 100 words, PG, Gen
Pairings/Warnings: None
Summary: There’s an inherent flaw in naming things.

Akela isn’t a dog so much as the essence of dog; the bright core of a thing too nebulous for words. And on the far side of the veil she simply is.

But on the near side she’s a Hound because that’s how the mortal world defines her, parsing her down into something it can understand. Wrapped in a form not of her choosing– It’s so overpowering, so forceful a definition that even in her own mind she embraces the term without thinking.

She’s a Hound, but she isn’t a dog, and Jon’s only just beginning to understand the distinction.

Martha Bechtel

My name is Martha Bechtel and I write fantasy and science fiction stories, paint small model horses silly colors, cast resin and plaster magnets, code random code (and Wordpress plugins)... Come on in and join in the fun!

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