No Takebacks (Dogs of the Never Never)

‘Verse: Dogs of the Never Never
Length/Rating: 180 words, PG, Gen
Pairings/Warnings: None
Summary: Jon never wanted to be different.

If he listened for it he could hear the Song underlying every breath they took. Akela’s bells, bright and coppery; Athen’s sharp woodwinds dancing around her chimes; Jenna’s soft murmur of low strings; and Tos’s bass drums rumbling underneath.

Hunter and Dog’s song were whispers only, faint echoes of echoes not meant for living ears or minds.

He wonders sometimes what damage she’d done by binding the two of them in Veil rituals meant for Hounds and not Huntsmen.

He’d tried to ask Tos once, but the dog had just growled at him until he’d given up and left the grizzled mutt to his brooding. Jon didn’t trust Akela or Athen to answer honestly, and Jenna– Jenna avoided him in an almost desperate scrabble and that told him more than he wanted to hear.

Even to them he was wrong somehow and it unnerved him, the loss of anything to belong to. Jon wasn’t human, not really, but he wasn’t just Huntsman anymore either.

He was life and death and dogs, and he’d given anything just to be human again.

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