NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 7

Jon: … You know, I’m not sure it counts as a novel if none of the pieces match up. *eyes the chaos of Day 6 storylines*

Writer: I’m in a nonlinear mood, so sue me.

Jon: And I’m pretty sure the judges aren’t going to count you talking to yourself as a valid wordcount.

Writer: Oh ye of little faith.

Jon: I have plenty of faith, just not in your ability to pass off a pile of colored glass as a stained-glass window.

Writer: It just needs soldering, is all. *pulls out welding mask* Behold!

Jon: So I take it today is going to be spent outlining?

Writer: Mwahahaha!

Jon: Right, I’ll be on the couch then. *wanders off to restock the endless cooler and grab a TV Guide*

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