NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 23

Now that I have things more or less roughed out, I need to figure out what bits are missing and which bits aren’t. While rewriting a scene certainly helps my wordcount, it’s better to cut and paste in the bits that I know go together. Hence there will be a new tag called ‘retcon’ as I go back and pull out the bits that don’t fit.

I will not be posting individual bits today (most likely) as most of what I will be doing is writing little bits to hook the larger bits together. Instead I’ll just be posting the wordcount as it goes up (both starting and ending). I hope to break 10k today just with the stuff I’ve already written (the first 10k! ^_~;) and then I’ll go from there. If all goes well I should be able to slowly climb up from there as the weekend continues. *crosses fingers*

Well off to import into Q10! ( and get writing! ^_^ *grin*

UPDATE: Look like I have just a smidge over 10k in actual story posted on LJ already (11,391 if you count Musefics). Now I’ve still got a bunch of longhand to get in, so I’ll work on that first. Then I’ll patch in the missing bits. *rolls up sleeves*

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