NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 2

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Jon: Wow, that is probably the most boring start to a story I’ve ever read.

Writer: Oh sush, it’s NaNo, I’m allowed to suck.

Jon: Suck yes, engage in endless bouts of exposition? Not so much.

Writer: Me Writer, you fictive, so thbbbbbbbpt.

Jon: Just move us into some sort of active something, ok? At this point I’d be willing to suffer through ‘and then there were Bears’.

Writer: … Bears?

Jon: Something! Anything! You’re already five hundred words behind and if I spend any more time slogging through info dumps I’m quitting.

Writer: You can’t quit!

Jon: And then there were bears.

Writer: … This is going to be a long November.

Martha Bechtel

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