Dogs of the Never Never : Voices of Reason

Sprint #1 – more or less OOC, but still useful *pokes plot hole which is now nicely filled*


“This is a bad idea, a really really bad idea.” Jon looked out at the warehouse and then back at Hunter and the Dogs. “I mean, why are all of us going over there again? As I remember, I’m the only person here who can actually be killed.”

“He has a point.” Hunter looked over at the lightside pack, “If he’s our only connection to this world why would we be risking him?”

“We can always get another one.” Tos sniffed. “There are plenty of them out there.”

“Yes, you can get another one.” Hunter snapped, “I can’t.”

“We shouldn’t be here in the first place.” Hunter’s dog sounded like a dying breeze, just loud enough to hear. “Kill him and go home.”

“Hey, hey!” Jon cut him off with a slash of the hand “No one is killing me! That was the whole point!”

“We need him close enough to draw on.” Athen objected, “Otherwise we’ll be useless.”

“You’re pretty useless anyways.” Jon muttered, but they ignored him.

“So we get him close, but keep him hidden.” Aklea scratched at the ground thoughtfully. “So how do we do that?”

“Well, there really isn’t any cover.” Athen’s eyes the wide expanse of gravel with distaste. “I suppose we could try veil-walking, but it’s really not a good idea with someone so,” he paused trying to find a polite way to say ‘utterly untrained and useless’.

“He has me.” Hunter faded until she was just the faintest hint of a shadow, and a pair of unnervingly infocus eyes.

Tos grunted thoughtfully, “That he does.”

“Wait, what?”

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