Dogs of the Never Never : More Randomness

Really random bits


Where we stand now:

Hunter has lost her Dog
Jon’s pack looks like it’s about to split up
Someone torched the house Sullivan was renovating so Jon doesn’t have a job.
The police think Jon is a ‘person of interest’ after the drive-by and the fire
The Dead Man Mafia has been temporarily defeated
The DMM doesn’t know it was because of Our Brave Heroes(tm)

So at this point two more Huntsmen show up, with thirty-odd Dogs in tow and a ‘you’re coming with us now’


It’s called the Veil because they used to go back and forth through it. Otherwise it’d be the Stonewall of Death or the Really Big Cliff or somesuch. It wasn’t until the powers that be decided the dead were getting a little too meddlesome in other people’s lives that they closed it off. Thus VeilWalkers are people who walk through the Veil. Which used to be everyone.



Wait, why are we here?

People have gotten pretty good about keeping the dead alive, we’re just going to go visit one of them. Only true Veilwalkers left– ah here we go, coma ward thisaway.

That is really really fucked up.



You have a darksider? Here?? When were you going to tell us?

Preferably? Never.


There was a war of sorts, to close the Veil. Hounds swore oaths and walked where they would. Hinds refused and were exiled to one side or the other. The form is nothing, just a shape and a word given to nameless shapeless things. All that separates them is the oath.

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