NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 27

Starting Wordcount: 23,765
Ending Wordcount: 24,387

Miserable, miserable night or writing. *mutters unrepeatable things* Well, it looks like unless a miracle happens in the next few days I’m not going to win NaNo this year. *sigh* However I’ll make a half-NaNo, which is better than last year. And if I buckle down and commit to my Saturday write-ins, there’s a chance I’ll end up winning before December is over.

I think I may take the rest of NaNo and rough out a whole lot of the scenes so I know where I’ve been and a better idea of where I’m going. At the moment I’ve added in a Survivor Man scene and a ‘I expect you to die’ James Bond-ish one as well. No real idea of how these connect back into the main story. Or I do, I’m just a little fuzzy on the details… ^_~;;

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