Dogs of the Never Never : Filling In The Gaps

Then Hunter shows up and that does nothing for Jon’s state of mind.

After a bit of talking, and figuring out why they heck she is there (Dead Men Mafia) she drags him back to the fish warehouse to investigate.

While the dogs are off searching a different part of the warehouse, Hunter talks Jon into bloodgifting her. This leads to all sort of interesting things, the most obvious being a description of what bloodgifting is, and that the dogs owe him the other half of the bargain.

The dogs come back from investigating to find them and figure out immediately what happened. They are all sorts of livid and Tos is all for killing Jon off and finding another Huntsman. The rest of the pack is more or less of the same mind, but Akela talks them around and they end up completing the gifting (since it can’t hurt and they can always kill him afterwards just as easily).

So now Jon can hear the singing and he’s got a bit of the other gifts as well and he’s about a million times as confused as when he started. So Jon ditches them to go hang out with Sebasitan, who was always the grown-up of the group. If anyone can help him sort out this mess it’s Bastian.

Sebastian listens to everything (including the fight and the drive by and all the fun supernatural stuff) and takes it all in stride. He’s nothing if not imaginative and he’s more than willing to suspend disbelief for a bit. Jon is more or less expecting that reaction (which is why he came) but it’s still a relief to have someone else who believes him. After all, he’s still not sure he believes it all himself.

This is the point where Hunter shows up (avec Dog) and Sebastian gets a little more involved than he’d wanted to. Crazy things happening are always more palatable when they are happening to someone else.

But Hunter assures them that the Dead Man Mafia and the Dogs won’t care that he knows, since he’s not really involved. No one is going to believe him anyways, so there’s no risk. So yay for firend’s safety and boo for the hunt’s general disinterest in anything other than Veil business.

Martha Bechtel

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