NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 19

Muse: *looks over at Writer from the comforts of the Imaginary!Couch* You really need to get Laptop!Sven fixed. *eyes giant piles of longhand warily* Otherwise you’re going to spend all next week just typing stuff in.

Writer: Most probably, but at least I have a plot now. *waves index cards victoriously* Wiktory is mine!

Muse: Do I get to point out that the time you spent making scene cards and the cartoon doodles on said cards could have been better spent actually writing?

Writer: No.

Muse: *snatches cards away from Writer* At some point you do have to scan these in. *flips through cards* You really can’t draw cars. At all.

Writer: *unrepeatable muttering*

Jon: *wanders in, grabs a beer from the mini-fridge, collapses on the couch… and then notices the company* Hey, wait, who’s that?

Muse: I’m a Muse. *pause while Jon just stares at her, confused* Personification of as abstract concept? *pause* I’m the one that harasses her in a more generic sense.

Jon: Ah, got it. Wanna beer? *offers*

Muse: *accepts* I like this guy.

Writer: You would. *takes back index cards with a snort* Now lemme see what else I need to block in before I move forward.

Jon: Hey, that’s our plot?

Writer: Yup. *eyes cards* Well, sorta, I still have a few that say ‘stuff happens’… *attempts to look innocent*

Jon: …Stuff?

Writer: Plotty stuff. *wiggles fingers mysteeeeriously*

Jon: Is she always like this?

Muse: More or less. *digs about in the pile of random things on the coffee table in front of the couch* Ooo, Doritos!

Jon: Mi casa, es su casa.

Muse: I really like this one. *leans back munching Doritos and sipping a beer*

Writer: *sighs*

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