NaNoWriMo 2007 : Day 10

…they work out what to do next.

Jon: And that is?

Writer: I have no idea.

Jon: That’s typical.

Writer: Hey, I’m just following where you guys lead at this point. Do you see an outline? *waves pages of completely ignored notes at fictive* Do you?

Jon: Not my fault you don’t do contingency planning. *ignores the piles of paper*

Writer: I can’t keep you on one scene for more than four hundred words, how on God’s green earth am I supposed to keep you on a plot??

Jon: Well, at least you could try giving us a theme or something. *reaches for a beer*

Writer: You want a theme? How about ‘generic cookie cutter fantasy’? That seems to be y’all’s modus operandi at the moment.

Jon: I protest this uncouth assessment!

Writer: You’re a normal schmoe caught up in a paranormal world unexpectedly. *holds up one finger* You’ve got magical companion animals.


Writer: Oh shut up, you are too. *finger two* Plus you’ve got this detective shtick going on and the Dead Men Mafia, which I had to say is the most clichéd thing ever

Jon: Since when is a band of rebel humans and renegade Veil creatures a cliché?

Writer: Hmm, true, normally they’re the good guys–

Jon: And for a band of generic bad guys I’m sure they could have picked something more cliché than bringing back dead people. I mean, normal dead people, not dead dictators or dead gods or something more earth shattering than Mr. Prescott, attorney at law.

Writer: …Who?

Jon: Never mind, he’s a secret. *attempts to look mysterious*

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