Dogs of the Never Never : Simple Misunderstandings

The joys of backstory bits…


Now it’s not that the Hinds are bad, per se, just unagreeable with the status quo. After all, Ancestors have been meddling in their descendants lives for centuries. Just because the dead outnumber the living (and almost always have) isn’t a factor. They’re only planning on letting some of them back in. Not that they’re keeping anyone out, it’s just that most of them don’t feel like meddl– helping the younger set avoid some of the mistakes they made.

The Powers That Be could at least have set up some sort of system where those with good intentions got a pass. There was no need to just cement a wall between the two planes of existence. Well, less of a wall and more of a bramble patch. There were escapees constantly making their way through (and getting sent right back by the Hunts) so they must have meant for travel to happen… otherwise why make it possible at all?

The Powers That Be were vast barely understood things to start with. Maybe the Hounds had simply misunderstood, maybe they were just supposed to be keeping the bad people out. Not everyone. Not us. We’re not here to hurt people, after all, just help them.

We’re the good guys.


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