Save me! (Dogs of the Never Never)

Writer: So tell me a story.

Jon: Why?

Writer: I’m bored.

Jon: Doesn’t this work the other way ’round?

Writer: Normally? Nope. *tosses popcorn at him* Entertain me!

Jon: You just want the TV remote.

Writer: You’re watching American Idol. *pause* American Idol reruns.

Jon: *settles into couch happily*

Writer: I’m not watching this, now gimme.

Jon: *sits on remote* Make me.


Jon: *smug*

Writer: You are the most annoying fictive I’ve ever met.

Jon: Ha! Victory is mine!

Writer: … You are never allowed to watch Family Guy again.

Jon: My remote, my rules.

Writer: Dogs! Help me!

Dogs: *amused doggie grins*

Writer: I hate you all.

Jon: November is going to rock. *channel surfs using the annoying ‘if I hear more than one syllable I’ve paused too long’ method*

Writer: … *whimper*

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