Gah! *is ded of waiting for NaNo to start*

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So far I have had rambling conversations with both Hunter and Jon about their motivations (or lack thereof) and the plots, subplots, and thematic arcs they’d like to take over NaNo. Tos apparently also has his own agenda, as does Akela, but the rest of the Dogs are just along for the ride. Well, sort of. Hunter’s pack is it’s own little enigma for the moment, but they have their own social agenda to push.

And yet, I’m not that invested in getting it right the first time. NaNo is all about turning off the inner editor and just letting the story run. Maybe I won’t get a decent novel out of November, but I really hope I get something worth revising. ^_^ *crosses fingers*

NaNo 2005 suffered from complete lack of plot. Nano 2006 suffered from too much investment in getting the story -right-. Hopefully this time I’ll have the guts to just let it be horrible! *grin*

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