NaNoWriMo 2007 : Outlines

Last year I found myself trying to make up padding to go in-between the scenes I knew needed to happen. It ended up dragging the story off on a tangent that I still haven’t quite been able to fix. *pokes Fenrith Lei sadly* This year I’ve decided to take the opposite approach and pick a topic so big that a 50k stab at it will end up being something more akin to Inigo’s ‘lemme sum-up’. ^_~ *grin*

So erm, yesh *sheepish look* can you guess which newly invented megaverse I’ve picked? You get one guess.

I figure if I can’t get 50k words out of Blackguards and Plaster Saints (See, you guessed right!) 40+ years of story, then I need to rethink this whole novel-writing business! *grin* Of course that also means that this may turn into a boring-to-everyone-but-me epic, but hopefully not. Then again I may end up with 50k of nothing but worldbuilding and heck, that’ll be fun to write even if it’s not fun to read! ^_^

But, erm, yesh… I will need to pick a lot of brains on this one. Thankfully I have folks I know in the State Department, Teaching, Military, and lots of ‘normal people’ scattered about the globe to bother– err, ask polite questions. Hehehe ^_^

Which almost makes me think I should write this like it’s a book about veterans/civilians of WWII… hmm. That could actually be sort of nifty, but I’d need to rework the outline I have now– *scribbles notes* Lesse, so if that makes each day about one ‘interview’ then I’d need thirty people, which means lots of WikiFictive’ing to be done. But that also means I need thirty stories, well, not thirty exactly, I can throw in background about the situation, maybe some fake quotes from various historical documents, etc. But at least twenty-five solid stories I think. Hmm..

So I need twenty-five topics, ranging from the arrival of the Ship down to the ‘conclusion’ of the war, plus a solid timeline to refer to. That means I need to figure out how long things will take to build and how far and how fast things are moving. *more notes* Then I’ll need to dig into the stories and figure out what research each of them will need. *more notes*

Yeah, I think I can make 50k even with all of the [details needed here] notes that are bound to pop up. ^_~

Now back to work!

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  1. nmdrkangl Avatar

    *ponders just writing “Fnord” 50,000 times with random punctuation*

    that should work, right?

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      Quoth the FAQ:

      “Can I write one word 50,000 times?
      No. Well… No.”

      Hehehehe ^_^

      1. nmdrkangl Avatar

        Bah! Stupid faq.

        1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

          You could always start the National Word Writing Month. ^_~ hehehehe

          1. nmdrkangl Avatar

            and run a multi national multi user website? no thanks.. my years of webfiddling are well and truely behind me.

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