In Memory Shared

Kelly kielle O’Guinn (10/22/72 – 9/22/05)

Last year I went through the web and found as many links as I could to the online shadows she’s left behind. For those who never knew her, they are only static echoes, but you can still see in them the friend I remember from my online years in college. If you weren’t in comic book fandom back in the days of and C-FAN (Comic-Book FanFic Author’s Network) it’s hard to explain the kind of driving force that she was; how much she encouraged fledging writers to keep trying, to keep improving… my own writing owes so much to her influences.

So please, if you didn’t know her, take a moment and get to know the person that I remember. 🙂

We are what we leave behind. Remember.

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  1. soldiergrrrl Avatar

    +may her memory be eternal.

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