Worldbuilding for Everyday Wolves

So, building on the worldbuilding from yesterday…

Looking for a stable, non-persecuted were population, blending in with normal society without comment. Assume weres have been part of civilization since the beginning and are thus not looked on with any alarm (or at least no more than any other human). Registration is a given, but is treated as simple notification of a medical condition (ie not-a-human, please use appropriate were medics). Note on drivers license or medialert bracelet or something. *ponders*

So a in this happy little ‘verse a were-cougar moves in down the street and the reaction is more along the lines of ‘oh that’s nice’ and less ‘aaaaaa!’. Probably would depend on what kind of were it was, I mean a were-coyote and folks would be like ‘eh’, but a were-liger or something and they might be a little alarmed.

Then again, it’s not like their werewolf mythos would be even a fraction as big as it is on our end. It would be hard to build them up quite as much when the one living two doors down is a complete mundane (well, except for the whole werewolf bit ^_~). Actually, they’d probably get their butts sued, so yeah, not so much on the hysteria side.

Martha Bechtel

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