Worldbuilding for Urban Fantasy Thingamabob

So, we’ve established that the larger the animal the more inherent power it can channel. That said, city folk are going to be at a significant disadvantage, so we can assume the domesticated animals (or at least the pet portion thereof) have been bred not just for utility but for channeling strength as well.

Which would also indicate that if the channeling is tied to the animals natural abilities that most selections would be intuitive. Such a setup would also be good for our youngling heroine and hero to be, as they have no clue what’s going on. … And now I’m back to the magic hamster again and darn but that isn’t an amusing idea. *grin*

So, anywho, lapdogs or ‘leisure’-bred dogs would have been done primarily for channeling as opposed to utility. Which (in theory) would mean that the small bundle of yapping, cursing, fur is actually one powerful little Chihuahua.

Then again, once the non-magically folk started getting into pet breeding, the main goal would have been lost. Which could be why there is an AKC?

Hmm, would be amusing to have the breed standards being dictated to nudge the breeders down a path they weren’t aware of. Wonder if that means the AKC championships are rigged? Only dogs with good channeling abilities would win, so even though it looks like the judges have to choose from a lineup of exactly the same dogs, it’s actually much easier than it looks?

I think I’m wandering off into another story all together here…

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  1. _skye_

    It certainly does! Read good AND bad, I say – seeing what other people are doing is important, right?

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Ain’t that the truth! ^_^ Nothing like reading something that doesn’t quite work and trying to figure out why it doesn’t work… Sometimes I think I get more out of trying to review other people in the writing group than I do when they review me. ^_~;;

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