WikiFictive: Danny the Grumpy Immortal

Name: Born Daniel O’Donovan in Tullagh, West Cork, Ireland, 1712. Has gone by Danny, Daniel, Donovan, Donnell, Dan, etc.
Verse: Danny the Grumpy Immortal
Species: Human
Hair: Brown, normally short but not always.
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos/scars/etc: These are all reset every time he regenerates, so the only scar he keeps is the one he got when he was eight and roughhousing with his older brothers.
Special Abilities: Whenever he dies he reforms as a twelve-year old. On his 28th birthday at 4:17am he will also regenerate.
Age: 12-27
Life Sum-up:
Current Lifetimes:
Born 1712,
Died 1739, 27 years
Died 1741, 2 years
Died 1748, 7 years
Died 1763, 15 years
Died 1774, 11 years
Died 1779, 5 years
Died 1794, 15 years
Died 1809, 15 years
Died 1819, 10 years
Died 1820, 1 years <-- not my fault, the Institute started it
Died 1824, 4 years <-- ditto
Died 1830, 6 years <-- ditto, ditto
Died 1831, 1 years <-- okay, yeah, this one was my fault (apparently starving your way across the Atlantic is not the brightest of ideas)
Died 1846, 15 years
Died 1861, 15 years
Died 1873, 12 years
Died 1888, 15 years
Died 1889, 1 years <-- Johnstown Flood, not my fault
Died 1904, 15 years
Died 1907, 3 years
Died 1922, 15 years
Died 1937, 15 years
Died 1952, 15 years
Died 1967, 15 years <-- And this is where I make my fatal mistake and let Mary talk me into having a kid who will track me down later and make my life miserable. I do not. Do to. You want me to make you miserable? Fine. See? This is why you should never have kids.
Died 1975, 8 years
Died 1987, 12 years
Died 1993, 6 years
Died 2002, 9 years
Personality: Grumpy

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  1. nmdrkangl

    oh come on.. nice round years? He should have one that’s like. “Two months” or… 5 minutes 29 seconds.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I’m counting multiple deaths in the same year as the same death. Otherwise I’d be here forever! ^_~ *grin*

      He died like three times in the Jamestown flood before he got out of the river, and he died 2-3 times a day when the Institute had him in 1820. Oh and a couple times on the Atlantic crossing in 1831 because he is a stubborn bastard. 😛

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