Go West Young Muse…

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Whilst musing it occurred to me that I like writing frontier stories. A lot. Actually it’s apparently now to the point where almost everything I write seems to have an underlying theme of alienation. Which I could blame on the fact that most of my fandoms share this theme (Stargate, Doctor Who, Buffy, etc), except for the fact that my original fiction has the same inclinations (Nine Kingdoms, Fenrith Lei, Skipping Stones, Lairkin, etc).

My Muses seem drawn to stories about everyday people dumped into an unknown (and sometimes hostile) social or physical environments. Watching them change, adapt, rebuild to suit the world they’ve found themselves in… those are the kind of stories I love to read. So I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that those are also the ones I love to write, but as I hadn’t noticed it until I sat back and started cataloging all of the random stuff I’ve written.

Now that I’ve noticed, it’s really hard not to see the same thing in everything I enjoy reading or writing. My Side of the Mountain, Beowulf’s Children, The Last Unicorn are all variations of the same favored theme.

Hmm, now I wonder if there’s a book I like that doesn’t follow that default rule… *wanders off to check her bookcase*

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