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So I have finished the yardwork (mostly), and a good long conversation with the tree and the tortoise in the hopes I can salvage their story. Apparently not, it is a picture book Liek Woah and will not be anything else. So I have some sketching to do, but I’m not getting that done this weekend. Not by a long shot.

Thus I was forced to try and get them to engage in The Further Adventures of Tree and Tortoise, which amused them greatly. They came up with two more picture book ideas as revenge.


So I will be writing the outline for the first picture book.

Which is completely unpublishable.

Because, lo, who would read a picture book about a bonsai dryad and a were-tortoise to their kids? That isn’t me?

Oh well, *wander off to outline*

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  1. kensieg

    I love the idea of a bonsai dryad and a turtle!

  2. silmaril

    Well, I would… if I had kids…

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