Fangs, Fur & Fey Hook response… alas.

My hook was turned down as being too clichéd, which lo, it is. I just need to find a better way to say the same thing so it sounds more interesting. *sighs* … *pokes hook with stick*

Ah well, I’ve almost got the final for Chap 1 done and a good solid middle draft of Chap 2 for T to look over. So, focusing on progress and worrying about rewriting the hook later. Heck, I should just have someone else read the book and write the hook for me. ^_~ *laughs*

EDIT: And can I just say ‘YAY!’ for lo, the reviewer said ‘The writer is talented’ and hearing that from someone who doesn’t know me (and is therefore not biased) is just… wow. *happy* I don’t suck! Woot! ^_^

Now I just have to not-suck at something that isn’t a walking cliché. Heh ^_~;;

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  1. tydokia Avatar

    I’m sorry, but wasn’t the hook before yours a major cliche too?


    Yay for the recognition of your mad good writing skillz though…

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