There are some days when the world just seems too heavy, too smothering with all the things that must be done/need to be done/really ought to be done. And instead of feeling emboldened with a feeling of going and doing all I want to do is curl up in bed and say No. No I don’t want to deal with this right now/anymore/at all.

But the world doesn’t care, and I can’t afford to not care, and all I have left is that I’m too stubborn to lie down and die. Because it will get better, eventually, and I just have to dig in my hooves and lean into the traces and keep pulling.

If it’s a fight life wants, it’s a fight life’s gonna get, and it can pile as much crap as it wants on the sled, I’m still gonna pull that sucker. Because if I’m a horse, I’m a Morgan-Arabian cross, bitchy and stubborn and bred to the bone to never give up, never ever give up.

And dammed if I’m going fail.


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  1. starboardm Avatar

    You go girl! Do you remember ” I had trouble in getting to Solla Sallou” where the resolute hero declared ” my troubles are going to have trouble with me!” Go give em trouble! Many hugs !

  2. nerca_beyul Avatar

    You go girl.

    That’s the spirit. Never give in, never say die.

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