Begin Again

I take my dreams and hurl them at the page.

Sometimes they stick.

Sometimes they fall.

Sometimes they shatter into pieces and start stories of their own.

But mostly– mostly they just hang there, suspended in the air, and never reach the page at all.

They fade, so slowly, fade to dust and light and half-remembered tunes.

And I watch them die, and cannot bear to watch them die, and horde the dreams away from ungentle time.

Horde them, until I cannot stand the noise.

I take my dreams and hurl them at the page.

Begin Again - Flash Fiction

6 responses to “Begin Again”

  1. nerca_beyul Avatar

    That’s how most of my stories are spawned, you know. About 80% of them come to me in dreams.

    Like you said, some stick, some don’t.

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      I just get depressed sometimes, looking at all the things that never stuck, thinking of all the things that never actually made it to paper. It’s like I have this river of stories in my head and only a bucket to catch them with. 😛

      Ah well, guess I just need to bail faster! *grin* ^_~

      1. tydokia Avatar

        Bilge me harty! Bilge! 🙂

        1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

          Ah Puzzle Pirates, such life lessons I learn from thee! ^_~ *grin*

      2. nerca_beyul Avatar

        Oh, I know that feeling! I wish I had the time and energy to convert all of my dreams into fics! I would be in heaven! As would people in my fandoms… And my followings at FanFiction.Net and FictionPress. lol

        1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

          It’s my one pipedream for the future, finally being able to sit back and do nothing but tell stories all day. ^_^ *wistful sigh*

          I used to post to, but I have more or less given up on it, for lo, it is The Pit these days. 😛 I feel like and old fogy every time I’m reminded that I was around before was! ^_~;

          Ah a.c.f-f how I miss thee~ 🙁 *laments*

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