The Gate to Fenrith Lei : One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Wordcount: 357 words
Rating/Warnings: PG

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The next morning they sat down for a quick breakfast and to figure out what was next. Now that they had the flute, they should be able to head straight for the confrontation with the clockwork sorcerer. Only no one was quite sure where he was. Moonstar insisted that he didn’t know where the story was going, only where it had been and Riley could only point out that everything Evil came from the Northern Lands.

Wendy thought that was rather a cop out since Teravail was the southern tip of the continent and thusly that made just about everything else into the northern lands. But Riley did have a point about it being the historical source of a good ninety percent of Teravail’s problems. Gray helpfully pointed out that the mountain range just north of Fenrith Lei that had the requisite cave systems for villainous hiding. The fact that Heather had recently renamed the range from the Dragon’s Crest mountains to the Dragon’s Teeth mountains also increased the probability that less than pleasant things might be lurking in their depths.

Which left them only two options, either head back to Riverside and find another caravan heading to Fenrith Lei… or head back to Riverside and buy two horses so they could ride to the fair city. Amazingly neither Riley nor Gray suggested that Moonstar might lower himself to giving one of them a ride, but Wendy was grateful because it would have sent the unicorn into another snit. Wendy was pretty sure Moonstar’s reluctance had more to do with personal preference than an actual magical or mystical ban on riders. He wasn’t shy about letting her pet him and there had been plenty of stories where unicorns were mounts instead of sidekicks. Then again, they’d also only partnered with those of less– mature adventures, so maybe he had a point.

But it seemed at least the trip back to Riverside was a foregone conclusion, so after breakfast was finished they packed up camp and headed back up the road. This time when Wendy said it took three days to reach the town, it did without interruption.


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