The Gate to Fenrith Lei : A Single Step

Wordcount: 376 words
Rating/Warnings: PG

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A Single Step

Cat and Wendy waited patiently and Moonstar eventually rejoined them. She gave him a moment, just in case he felt like apologizing or explaining, but the unicorn seemed content to sulk quietly.

“So,” she looked down at Cat, “Anyone have any idea where we are?”

Cat sniffed, as if maps were mere trifles meant for lesser beings than cats, which given the stories Heather had told about him, might have been true. Moonstar on the other hand, looked confused.

“We’re on the road to Fenrith Lei, a’ course.”

“Yes, but as I remember all roads lead to Fenrith Lei.” That was one of the core tenants of Teravail, that no matter where you were going, you always ended up in the fair city at some point; a giant wagon wheel with the roads all spiraling out across the kingdom like spokes.

“Well, yes, but that’s the nature of roads.” He stomped a forehoof on the dirt path in question as if cementing the fact.

“Alright, let’s try this another way. How much longer until we get to a town?” The unicorn looked baffled. “Where I can get some food? And a place to sleep?” She gestured to the vast grass-filled horizons.

Oh,” Moonstar nodded in sudden understanding, “Just say so.”


“Just say, ‘and they traveled for two days before they reached the town of Passingby.'”

Wendy wasn’t sure which was more disturbing; the fact that she apparently had a power akin to teleportation or that Heather had actually named some poor town Passingby. Then again, there were towns named Why and Wynot in the real world, so maybe Passingby wasn’t so bad.

“So if I said the same thing about Fenrith Lei, that would work too?”

“Uh, no.”

“Why not?”

“The story is in Passingby, it’s not in Fenrith Lei yet.” Moonstar said it as if this fact was somehow common knowledge. “Ya can’t get ahead of the story, just isn’t done.”

“So I can jump to where the story is, but not where the story isn’t?”

The unicorn nodded, “We could walk, but we’d still have to go back to Passingby.”

Wendy sighed, then shrugged. What could it hurt? “They traveled for two days before they reached the town of Passingby.”

And they did.


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Martha Bechtel

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  1. soldiergrrrl

    I’m really enjoying it, although the “white horse with blue eyes” reminds me an awful lot of Lackey’s Companions.


  2. fenrithlei

    Yeah, that’d be Moonstar; Lackey-homage and generic magical companion animal! ^_~ *grin* It’s more or less a basic fantasy trope, if it’s a white animal with blue eyes it’s magical and/or not actually an animal. Of course the whole talking thing sort of gives that away regardless. *grin*

    Although Moonstar would like it noted that a) he is a unicorn and not a horse, b) is really not a horse and c) only looks like a horse because of a small mishap resulting in a missing horn. … and d) is not a horse. *snicker* ^_~

    Cat on the other hand is quite happily a cat.

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