It looks like NaNo 2006 is a bust…

The Gate to Fenrith Lei – 15,888 of 50,000

Unless the magical wordcount gnome leaves 34k worth of words under my pillow in the next night or two. As I have two major projects for school coming due in the next two weeks, I sadly cannot devote the remaining three days to hectic words spewing. Stupid eight-week college semesters. 😛

Still, I currently have 16k more words than I had at the beginning of November, and that’s more than I’ve written in a single month in a long time. Possibly ever. It’s also amost four times what I managed to write last year, so I’m declaring it a win regardless! (Although I’m still holding out hope of breaking 20k *grin*)

In the spirit of NaNo I’ll be continuing to work on the story until I finish the rough draft, but I will be going back to fanfic’ing as well. I’d like to get to the point where I’m writing about 5k a week, regardless of the subject matter.

I know where I want to be on the bookstore shelves, so now it’s time to start practicing! ^_~

4 responses to “It looks like NaNo 2006 is a bust…”

  1. starboardm Avatar

    16k worth of words in one months is more than a win it is awesome and you are to be congratulated!!! You go girl!!

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      Now if I can only keep it up! ^_~ *bribes her Muses with chocolate and pumpkin pie*

  2. quoshara Avatar

    *cheers and gives you a huge A+ for effort*

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      Now if I could only manage 20k a month from now on! I’d drown everyone in fanfic! ^_~ *laughs* Although if I count in all of my school related writings, I might beat 20k easily. Too bad I can’t publish any of those efforts! 😛

      Heck, at 5k a week I might build up enough stuff that odds are I’d end up with something that’s actually publishable. Maybe. ^_~ *pokes her Muses* Avast!

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