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Kelly kielle O’Guinn (10/22/72 – 9/22/05)

I figured the best way to remember her was to share what she left behind on the ‘net with all those folks on my flist who never got the chance to meet her. And really, those are just links, they can’t really expresses the person I knew… but hopefully I’ve at least sparked a little interest from those of you who never met her, and I figure if I can encourage other people to read, and write, and go play in the various fandoms she loved… then that ain’t a bad tribute. Ne? ^_^

I know it’s a little long, but it’s only once a year so forgive me this once, please? ๐Ÿ™‚

kielle The first link is to her LJ, of course. It’s always amazed me just how much of our lives seep into LJ, and how much I missed those years I didn’t keep in contact. *sighs*

There’s also an old About Me page over on (see below for more on that!) with FAQs and quotes and avatars and a dose of nostalgia for those of us who remember seeing her in one form or another. ^_^

Plus Qui Elle? is a website dedicated to her Avatar complete with back story, portraits, and a handful of alternative alter-egos.

I even found an amusing Author’s Spotlight interview from 2002 here that gives you a good idea of her impact on the various fandoms. It’s horribly dated I’m sure, but still a good overview. Plus there are some nifty links at end to various fics she liked. ^_^

Did you know she started metaquotes? I had forgotten until silmaril reminded me! Was her hubsite, a collection of links to the wide web of fandoms she touched. I knew her back when she was denmother to the X-men comic fanfic realm, but that was only one aspect of her impact on the web and it’s surfers.

C-Fan (Comic-Book FanFic Author’s Network while active no more was the site for Comic Book Fan Fiction writers. It was the ultimate link archive on the web: you could find your favorite fandoms, writers, fics without having to hope your bookmarks hadn’t expired.

C-FAN also ran the The Comic Book Fan-Fiction Awards with their hilarious written awards ceremonies and various MCs. I loved reading them every year and they were a great way to find new authors and new stories to follow.

And on that note, check out The Official Mary Sue Society Avatar Appreciation Site! Because really, who doesn’t have a MS well-loved and well-hidden away from our writing peers? ^_~ *grin*

Now you’re looking for something to read? Well look no more!

She’s got some fanfic posted in The Pit ( and a few more stories over on Shifting-Sands (which includes “Vertigo, No Way Up”

Sadly, the link to the Lords of the Rings website isn’t working, so I’ll have to look some more and see if I can’t track those down for you…

But Kielle was also an amazing archiver of fanfic, I used to spend hours and hours on her sites surfing a plethora of stories and authors. And I remembered to go to class too… sometimes. ^_~

While C-FAN is sadly no more, there are still a bunch of archives up and running! ^_^

Chimericon is a website dedicated to other folk’s epic-length fanfics that she enjoyed enough to archive.

Blood in the Gutter is a Marauders fansite complete with trivia, backstory and a whole passel of fanfic. I am ashamed to admit I never surfed here, having spent most of my time on C-Fan. ^_~;;

The Common People was a project started to focus in on the ‘normal’ people in the Marvel universe. 357 stories from 161 authors grace the archive, and the idea spawned other archives in other fandoms in a odd play-it-forward fashion. There are some really amazing stories in this archive and I’m not just saying that because I’ve got a few older fics in there as well. ^_~

Wayside is an archive for “Under-Appreciated Characters & Unusual Concepts”. Which I must also admit I have never surfed. *hangs head*

The Great Comic Book MiSTing Site hosts a collection of authors writing MSTies on all things comic book-y.

Wildways is a fansite for Spiral, who was always one of my visually favorite Marvel folks. So many swords! *grin* ^_^

On a more serious note, The Yellow Ribbon is a website and movement dedicated to trying to convince the more restrictive parents that locking their children away from their internet friends did equate to locking them away from ‘real’ friends. Although the world may have grown up a bit in the meantime, it’s still as important an issue now as it was then.

She also had a website dedicated to her favorite critter the (Not-a-lessor!) Red Panda. ^_^ So go forth and learn more about them here Ailurus. I warn you, they are very cute and you may be forced to make cute noises at the gallery. ^_~

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  1. silmaril

    Also, she started , which is arguably one of the best sharing-spaces on LJ. That’s where I learned about her, and that’s what I’ve been most grateful to her for. In memoriam.

    1. Martha Bechtel

      I had completely forgotten she started that comm. *headdesk* And it’s sad because I read it all the time. ^_^;; *dashes off to add it to the list*

  2. neonnurse

    Hey, don’t forget the Subreality Cafe! Heck, we can probably still hang out with her there some nights! Well, some Writers’ Nights….

    Let’s join Hank in my icon with a lab beaker toast to Kielle!

    1. dexfarkin

      Absolutely brilliant.

      One thing that is missed is the number of people Kielle pretty much catapulted into the third wave of comic fandom. The first had the oldest of the old school, with Hawk, Lori MacDonald and the like dominating. Second wave was Kielle, and yourself, and all of the real DINOs to follow; Abyss, RubyLis, Laersyn, Jelpy, etc. But the third wave, which includes myself, basically all came in through C-FAN. Kielle created the conduit through which the next, say, eight years of comic fandom worked through.

  3. trishalynn

    I even found an amusing Author’s Spotlight interview from 2002 here

    Heh. That’s on my website, and I was honored that Kielle agreed to be my second interview. That’s how we met, you know.

  4. Anonymous

    I know this post is thirteen years old, but I will always respect this author. Wish I could have known her.

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