Yes, but So What?

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There are now six mostly-finished scenes in The Mists of Haiyts, although the second village scene may be simply referenced whilst at the riverbank. Regardless, there is a rise and fall of tension, a solid (I think) plot, and (hopefully) a believable world and characters.

But I’m still struggling a bit with the ending. My protag isn’t the one who starts the underlying story, nor is he the one that finishes it. He just sort of wanders into the middle of it and gives the mess a push in the right direction.

Which is who he is, really. He’s not a Hero, and he’s not really a Sidekick, he’s just the guy who happened to be there and was willing to push.

I just worry that no one is going to care. Since he isn’t defeating Evil Monster X, or heading off Apocalypse Z, or putting Plot Coupon A into Slot ForTehWin! … I have this horrid thought that they’ll get to the end and say ‘So what?’

Meh. *pokes story with stick*

Martha Bechtel

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  1. nmdrkangl

    *watches the story eat the stick, mull it over for a few seconds then spit it back out at you head*

    Bad Story! No biscuit!

    1. Martha Bechtel

      Naw, MoH would just whittle the stick into pipe and sit back to have a smoke. RaW would pull out a bigger stick and play Crocodile Dundee. ^_~

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