When the Muse Bites

Other random story/drabble ideas though up whilst working out at Curves… possible titles are in italics. Source material that is in both and italics is non-fanfiction. And people wonder why I have a hard time finishing anything longer than 3,000 words. *headdesk* I have ADD Muses! *points* Look!

The Winding Sea – A boy, a boat, and a promise made to be broken.

Songs of the Summer God – Binder Fria and his bonded come up against Golden Sho and his shell; only she isn’t just a shell and maybe the world isn’t mean to hinge on opposites.

The Nine Kingdoms – Yanis discovers she has a disturbing talent for working with the giant birds used as mountain mounts.

Shadows of a Dream – A new Dreamer and a Dancer pair up, how to leave a life behind.

Dreamer’s Call – A society of talking, magic wielding wolves, world-built in seventh grade. What’s not to love? God Ulm passes down a prophecy to the new parents, who are less than pleased with him. The whole ‘you got to play Chosen One, now guess what your kids get to do?’ is a little much even for them. Why telling a god to get lost is not a good idea.

Talking to Mrr – Herding ‘sheep’ with ‘griffins’, makes perfect sense when you think about it. Just trust me. The annual clan herding trials, and why being chosen for patrol stinks.

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